Junior Eurovision: Norway considers a comeback!

There has been some truly fascinating news from northern Europe. Having last competed in Junior Eurovision in 2005, Norway -one of the initial participants- seems to be considering a comeback to the competition.

Not only was Norway one of the sixteen nations that supported the children’s competition in its inaugural edition, but it was also one of the inspirations behind the contest’s creation. Junior Eurovision was born out of the MGP Nordic, a children’s competition hosted in the Nordic region, where Norway was taking place. But three years into the competition, Norway and Denmark made the decision to pull out in protest of the excessive pressure being placed on the singers.

The demand for a pressure-free song contest for children remains strong in Norway and in all Nordic countries that remain absent from the competition. While Junior Eurovision is now more competitive than ever, NRK intends to return to the contest in the best-case scenario in 2025.

A potential return in 2025 with a new national final

During the country’s brief Junior Eurovision run, Melodi Grand Prix Junior (MGPjr) served as the national selection format. Regardless of non participating at Junior Eurovision since 2005, MGPjr was held until 2022, when it was last broadcasted.

NRK intends on redesigning the children’s contest and producing a new national final is a strong condition for the country’s return. According to NRK Super, NRK’s children’s and youth channel, “a new national final is the first step toward possibly participating again in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2025.”

Norway hosted the show in 2004 and its best placement came in 2005, when Malin with “Sommer Og Skolefri” placed third.

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  1. Rebecca Leonard
    Rebecca Leonard says:

    Speaking of Junior Eurovision, would you please contact the EBU and ask for the following format changes?

    * Requiring self-written songs for the first time since 2007
    * Dressing appropriately in the competing songs’ music videos and live performances

    I did everything I could to get the winners of MGPjr between 2020 to 2022 to Nice as a supergroup, but to no avail. Hennika Eggum Huuse and William Høyem Ribe, who won MGPjr in 2020 and 2022, respectively, are turning 15 soon, so it’s too late. As for 2021 winners Josefine and Oskar? Josefine Westgaard was born in 2012 and Oskar Hogetveit in 2011, so unless NRK changes its mind about 2024 participation and selects Josefine and Oskar internally, 2025 would be Oskar’s only chance.


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