Norway: NRK decides that “Ulveham” need to be re-written!

Just a few days before the final of MGP, NRK announced through its website that the big favorite of the show, Gåte with the song “Ulveham“, needs to change its lyrics.

More specific, NRK’s article mentions that the lyrics of the song are taken from a 1000- years- old medieval ballad and given the fact that both MGP and Eurovision are a competition of original songs, the band needs to make some changes. The channel’s head of music, Stig Karlsen, informed us that the title and the theme of the song will remain the same.

Despite the fact that EBU had approved the song in case it competed for Norway, Stig mentioned that the lyrical content is not widely know or prevalent, however a part of the country’s music industry had talked about this. He also mentioned that the music is based on un-known no copyrighted material so it is not a case of plagiarism and he is surprised that both the band and NRK hadn’t detected sooner so as to be fixed.

Could the band still win MGP 2024 and take the ticket to Sweden?

Source: NRK

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