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Sweden: This is the Melodifestivalen 2024 running order of all heats!

A few moments ago, SVT published the running order of all five heats in this years Melodifestivalen tour!

Karin Gunnarsson, producer of the competition, comments:

“Finally, it’s time for all-Sweden’s festival to go out to entertain, engage and find our representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö in May. There will be glitter, glamour, strong choruses and artistry beyond the ordinary for six wonderful weeks when 30 competing artists compete for Songbird. On the trip, the audience gets to meet both established faces such as Danny, Cazzi Opeia and Marcus & Martinus as well as exciting newcomers to the Mello scene such as Fröken Snusk, Annika Wickihalder and Klaudy.”


“The line-up is star-studded, full of character and hungry for revenge. Opening in Malmö is Adam Woods, who had his public breakthrough last year when he performed together with Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Arc North. Now he stands solo on stage and opens this year’s edition of Mello. Medina makes a comeback and with start number 30 they finish the last of the year’s five races.”

Below you can see the running order.

Heat 1, Saturday 3 February 2024, Malmö Arena, Malmö

  1. Supernatural” – Adam Woods
  2. Hela världen väntar” – Samir & Viktor
  3. Min melodi” – Melina Borglowe
  4. Forever Yours” – Elisa Lindström
  5. Awful Liar” – Lisa Ajax
  6. Heroes Are Calling” – Smash Into Pieces

Heat 2, Saturday 10 February 2024, Scandinavium, Göteborg

  1. When I’m Gone” – Maria Sur
  2. Norrland” – Engmans Kapell
  3. The Silence After You” – Dear Sara
  4. Auma” – C-joe
  5. Dragon” – Liamoo
  6. Unga och fria” – Fröken Snusk

Heat 3, Saturday 17 February 2024, Vida Arena, Växjö

  1. Effortless” – Jacqline
  2. Aldrig mer” – Clara Klingenström
  3. Take My Breath Away” – Kim Cesarion
  4. För dig” – Klaudy
  5. I Won’t Shake (La La Gunilla)” – Gunilla Persson
  6. Give My Heart A Break” – Cazzi Opeia

Heat 4, Saturday 24 February 2024, Stiga Sports Arena, Eskiltuna

  1. Done Getting Over You” – Albin Tingwall
  2. 30 km/h” – Lia Larsson
  3. It’s Not Easy To Write A Love Song” – Dotter
  4. Circus X” – SCARLET
  5. En sång om sommaren” – Lasse Stefanz
  6. Happy That You Found Me” – Danny Saucedo

Heat 5, Saturday 2 March 2024, Löfbergs Arena, Karlstad

  1. Unforgettable” – Marcus & Martinus
  2. Controlla” – Chelsea Muco
  3. Back To My Roots” – Jay Smith
  4. Banne maj” – Elecktra
  5. Light” – Annika Wickihalder
  6. Que sera” – Medina

Melodifestivalen 2024 is scheduled to take place between February 3rd to March 9th.

The schedule for the six shows of the Melodifestivalen 2024 tour

  • Heat 1: Saturday 3 February 2024, Malmö Arena, Malmö
  • Heat 2: Saturday 10 February 2024, Scandinavium, Göteborg
  • Heat 3: Saturday 17 February 2024, Vida Arena, Växjö
  • Heat 4: Saturday 24 February 2024, Stiga Sports Arena, Eskilstuna
  • Heat 5: Saturday 2 March 2024, Löfbergs Arena, Karlstad
  • Final: Saturday 9 March 2024, Friends Arena, Stockholm – Solna

What is your favourite participant of Melodifestivalen 2024? Let us know in the comments section below!

The winner of Melodifestivalen 2023 and hence the Swedish representative at Eurovision 2023 was Loreen with her song “Tattoo“. Loreen went to become the first female artist in history to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice.

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