Sweden: Zara Larsson interested in being a Eurovision 2024 interval! | What about Melodifestivalen?

Zara Larsson is one of the biggest representatives of Swedish pop worldwide.  She is turning 26 at the end of this year, but she already has a vast career, made her international breakthrough at the age of 18 and she has been involved with acting lately, making her debut at a Netflix film A part of You.

She has declared herself as a big fan of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision and has expressed her wish in the past to take part in Melodifestivalen as an interlude act. Now speaking at Sveriges Radio and Fredrik Hilmered, superstar Zara Larsson just expressed that she eagerly wants to go to Eurovision as one of the interval acts of this year’s contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden:

“I’m eager to do an interlude. Being on Eurovision would be really awesome. It’s by far the biggest program an artist can be a part of.”

But when asked about competing in Melodifestivalen, she sounds quite firm:

“I will never compete in Melodifestivalen. It’s more than just getting the chance to use the awesome stage. It’s the ultimate privilege for me as an artist.”

Has she been asked to do an interlude? She responds:

“I’ve told my management to hound them. We’ll see how it turns out. That would be super exciting.”

Her new album “Venus” gets released on the 9th of February and she sets off for her European tour on the 16th of the same month. No wonder why she’s left a big tour gap between the 16th of March and the 31st of May, if one takes a closer look to her tour dates. She seems to be really keen on participating at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest that is hosted by her home country, Sweden, after Loreen did a double and won last year in Liverpool with the song “Tattoo“.

zara larsson tour gap may

Zara Larsson Tour – Gap between March and May

Just yesterday, Zara Larsson released her new single from her upcoming album called “You Love Who You Love“. You can have a listen to the YouTube video down below:

In the next few months we will know more about this year’s contest, the hosts of the three shows and the participating artists as intervals. It remains to be seen if Zara Larsson will be involved in any way to the contest.

Source: Sveriges Radio
Photo: Jessica Gow/TT, Magnus Lejhall/TT

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