Adam Woods: “We called the lyrics note of the song ‘the winning song’!” | Exclusive Interview

Andreas Papayiannakis and EurovisionFun is accredited by SVT to follow the Melodifestivalen tour for a third year in-a-row. Before visiting the city of Malmö, for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Semi-Final allocation draw, Andreas spent a week in Stockholm.

There he got the chance to meet a few people involved in this year’s Melodifestivalen. Among those was Adam Woods who had us over at LoudKult HQ in Stockholm on an extensive interview.

So, we’ve seen Adam last year with Arc North and Jon Henrik Fjällgren, and now he’s coming back solo. Adam feels amazing to be back and he goes on:

“Already, last year, I was thinking about it, I had done this thing, and it felt amazing, and I gave it my all, but ultimately, I was there, I was singing for Jon Henrik, and I was doing a performance which was ultimately not mine. But now I get the chance to be me, and to show who I am, and to show a song that I’ve made, and a performance that I’ve made. So, I’m super excited.”

On the song he literally amazed us by saying that they called the lyrics note of the song “the winning song”! He explains more about this:

“I wrote the song with a dear friend of mine, William Segerdahl, Calle Hellberg, who’s my A&R, actually, at this publishing. So, they jumped in a session with me and Jonna Hall who is also an old friend. I think we called the lyrics note “the winning song“! And it wasn’t because we had already written it. It was literally beforehand. But we just went into the studio, and we just had this vibe, this feeling that, okay, this is really going to be something special. We didn’t know why. I knew I had a story to tell. And William had brought up some chords. And I was like, yes, this is perfect. This is going to work.”

Is he aiming for the win this year? He responds:

“I want to make a mark. I want people to feel something truly special. I want everyone to feel what I felt when I wrote the song. And everything that I’ve done up to this point has been with the idea in mind that I’m going to make something truly special. And with that in mind, to win the contest as well.”

Danny Saucedo‘s songwriters are idols of Adam. He said he is very curious about what Danny‘s song is gonna sound like and he thinks it’s really good. He feels very honoured that SVT chose him to open the whole tour, as he will perform first in the first heat of the tour:

“It’s crazy. I honestly thought that Samira Victor was gonna open, just because they have that fan base and people know who they are. I’m like, nobody knows who I am, why should I open? But I’m super, I’m really just so honored. Because like you said, it’s a star-studded year, it’s full of huge names, and to be able to be the opening firing shot of that is so cool.”

About the staging, initially he didn’t wanna say much but then he let us into more details about it:

“I mentioned to you, I think last time we spoke, that I wanted it to feel immersive, and to make it feel truly immersive I have to be part of that environment, and I have to be part of the performance. I will say that it’s not about props, so I won’t be having any dancers, and the stage is going to be very simple because I want people to feel like this is just me, it’s just the song, and it’s raw, and it’s naked, even though it’s this big bombastic EDM banger, it’s still that close to your heart, you know?”

His big aim is an international career. So by winning the contest he hopes to be seen and loved around the world too:

“I’ve also been planning a lot about what comes next, because I think I’m only going to do this once and I want to make it amazing. And then I want to push it forward and be able to launch an international career. So, this is a stage one, in a long line.” 

He neither adjusted the song for Melfest nor for a workout playlist or a festival thing, that’s why Adam says it’s not pure EDM:

“I adjusted for the song. And the song needed to feel intimate. And it needed my voice to be there the entire time. So again, it’s about the song. And it’s about making that. But the instrumentation, the synths, and the drums, they’re all very, very EDM. And please do look at every detail of it. There’s nothing there that doesn’t have to be there. So if you see it, then you can read stuff into it. And I’m really, really excited to hear what you guys think. And let me know, because I’m just a DM away.”

You can watch our exclusive interview with Adam Woods at the video down below:


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