Betting Odds Reshuffled with Ukraine Leading the Pack!

With less than a month remaining until the official release of all entries for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, we are entering the most crucial month of the pre-Eurovision period, with national finals multiplying week by week.

For this reason, one of Eurovisionfun’s most beloved and talked-about columns returns, with betting analyses for Eurovision 2024 back in action.

While you prepare for the pivotal weeks ahead with the revelations of most entries ahead of May, bookmakers have already been hard at work, with the winner section of Eurovision 2024 already being offered by some companies. So, let’s take this opportunity and present to you what we know so far for the next contest.

Ukraine Emerges as the Top Favorite

As mentioned earlier, February is the month of most national finals, and understandably, this has caused reshuffles in the betting tables. Far ahead in the first position sits Ukraine. The Eastern European country, which has consistently topped the betting odds in recent weeks, is considered the major favorite by bookmakers to win in Malmo.

The triumph of Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil at Vidbir, where they “flattened” their competition, has skyrocketed the odds for Ukraine to win the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. At the moment, a Ukrainian victory returns up to 3.8 times the bet.

Italy has now risen to the second position. Angelina Mango’s victory with “La Noia” at the San Remo Festival has put the Mediterranean country in a particularly advantageous position, with bookmakers considering it the second most likely winner at the moment. Italy’s odds range from 7.5 to 10.

Croatia Takes the Third Spot

Croatia now sits in third place. The release of the video clip for Baby Lasagna’s entry, considered the major favorite to represent the Balkans in Malmo, has propelled Croatia to third place, just a breath away from second-placed Italy. Croatia’s victory is currently bet on odds ranging between 8 and 10.

In the fourth position is Sweden. The host country of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest is once again considered one of the big favorites of this year’s competition, with SVT executives and Swedish Eurofans eager for the historic eighth victory to take place on Swedish soil. A victory for Sweden is offered at odds between 11 and 15, showing a slight increase compared to our last analysis.

Rounding up the top five is Belgium. The recent release of “Before the Party’s Over” by Mustii seems to have thrilled betting companies, placing the Western European country within the Top 5 for the first time during this Eurovision season. Belgium’s victory is bet on odds between 10 and 15, just below the fourth position.

Top 10

In sixth place with clearly declining trends is the United Kingdom. Olly Alexander’sDizzy” teaser seems to have neither thrilled nor convinced bookmakers, who have now placed the United Kingdom outside the top five. It’s a significant drop, with the UK’s victory now returning up to 15 times the bet.

From there onwards, deviations from the group of leading six countries begin. Thus, in seventh place is Norway, whose victory now returns up to 21 times the bet. Similar odds are found for Iceland in seventh place, awaiting the second semifinal of the national selection, where Bashar Murad, of Palestinian descent, competes.

Lithuania follows in eighth place, which has returned to the top ten after Silvester Belt’s selection with “Luktelk“. Odds range between 17 and 21. France has returned to the top ten after a long time, with Slimane, whose potential victory triples the bet placed on it. Finally, Switzerland completes the Top 10, with odds ranging between 23 and 34.

Do you believe Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil can make history in Malmo and give Ukraine its fourth victory in its twenty-year presence at the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know in the comments!

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