Denmark: Saba will represent the country in Malmö!

Denmark’s national selection for Eurovision 2024, Dansk Melody Grand Prix, took place tonight .The show was hosted by Stéphanie Surrugue and Sara Bro. Eight artists competed to represent Denmark in Malmö. The winner and therefore Finland’s representative, was Saba with the song “Sand”

The songs

  1. Saba – “Sand”

2. Stella  – “Sign Here”

3. ChuChu – “The Chase (Zoom Zoom)”

4. Basim – “Johnny”

5. RoseeLu – “Real Love”

6. Ublu – “Planetary Hearts”

7. Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love”

8. Aura Dione – “Mirrorball of Hope”


The winner was determined through two rounds of voting. Both the jury and the general public had 50% of the vote.

After the first round of voting, three artists advanced to the second round. Those artists were:

  1. Saba – “Sand”
  2. – Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love”
  3. Basim – “Johnny”

The three artists that made it to the Super Final then gave another performance of their songs. Following the conclusion of the second round of voting, Saba was announced as the winner of the Dansk Melody Grand Prix 2024, and therefore Denmark’s Eurovision 2024 representative.

The detailed Super Final results

Jury voting

  1. Saba – “Sand” – 22/50
  2. Basim – “Johnny” – 15/50
  3. – Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love” – 13/50


  1. Basim – “Johnny” – 19/50
  2. – Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love” – 16/50
  3. Saba – “Sand” – 15/50

Full results

  1. Saba – “Sand” – 37/100
  2. Basim – “Johnny” – 34/100
  3. – Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love” – 29/100

It is worth noting that Saba won the national selection because of the jury voting, despite coming last in the televote, during the Super-Final voting.

What is your opinion on Denmark’s Eurovision 2024 entry?

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