Faroe Islands: Five year support to KVF is needed for its integration in the EBU!

As we’ve previously informed you, the public broadcaster of the Faroe Islands, which is called KVF, hopes to become a member of the EBU, in the near future.

For yet another year, an artist from the Faroe Islands, took part in the DMGP 2024 ending up in third place. That is Janus Wiberg with the song “I Need Your Love”.

The public broadcaster of the Faroe Islands, has expressed its interest in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, but taking into account that the Islands are part of the Danish Realm, the complete EBU member status, is not yet been approved.

Sirið Stenberg, the Minister of Social Affairs and Culture, was iin Liverpool last year alongside Ivan Niclasen. In this way, the public broadcaster, decided that the Faroe Islands must be a part of the EBU, and represent the Faroeses in Eurovision.

A five year support to KVF is essential, for its integration into the EBU. The EBU is responsible for Eurovision and it’s a partnership between public broadcasters. Becoming a member of the EBU will cost 1.5 million ISK, adding to the half million ISK for its annual membership.

However, all these plans are still in the making…

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest!

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