Finland: Windows95Man will change name for Eurovision!

Last night, the final of UMK, the Finnish national selection for Eurovision 2024, took place. Seven artists competed for the Finnish representation in Malmö and following the combination of the votes from six international juries along with the TV audience, Windows95Man with their entry “No rules!” emerged as winners.

Windows95Man’s victory in UMK 2024 was somehow unexpected, even for the artists themselves, as the big favorite of the night was Sara Siipola with her song “Paskana”.

Now, following their win there is another challenge to face. According to the rules of the competition, product names and trademarks are not allowed on Eurovision stage. It is also strictly forbidden to mention an established brand name in your entry. In Finland’s case, the duo’s name is “Windows95Man” and their attire consists of a large “Windows” logo, Microsoft’s operating system. Hence, last night’s act is not permitted to be presented to the Eurovision stage, as it violates the competition rules. Moreover, the duo’s name must change. One of the Finnish representatives says that:

Well, now the hard workshop begins. Now let’s start thinking about the name. But the character is here, no matter what it says on the shirt.

Windows95Man’s opinion on Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024

The artists were asked by an Yle’s journalist whether Israel’s participation will affect their participation in Eurovision 2024. At this point, we would like to remind you that prior to UMK 2024, two contestants, namely Sini Sabotage and Jesse Markin, stated that their Eurovision participation in uncertain due to Israel’s inclusion in Eurovision 2024’s participating countries’ list despite the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

On Israel’s participation, the duo stated that:

We would hope that Israel would not participate. This is a bad situation. There is still time until spring. We hope that the EBU will make the right decisions.

Finland with Windows95Man and “No Rules!” is set to perform on the second half of the first semi-final on May 7.

You can also check out EurovisionFun’s reaction on “No Rules!”, below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: Yle
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