Germany: Isaak and “Always On The Run” to Eurovision 2024!

Das Deutsche Finale 2024 is officially over and Germany now has its own artist, for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, in May in Malmö, Sweden! The winner of the Grand Final of Das Deutsche Finale 2024 was Isaak with the song “Always On The Run” and will wave the German flag, as successor of Lord of the Lost!

Eight artists, who were selected by the German public broadcaster, as well as one more artist selected through the TV show “Ich Will Zum ESC!”, claimed the win in Das Deutsche Finale 2024, and at the same time the country’s representation in Eurovision 2024. In the end after the jury and the televote, the long-awaited representative of the country in this year’s contest was finally selected!

Barbara Schöneberger was once again the host of the German national final.

The show

The show started with a beautiful opening act by Barbara Schöneberger, pretending to be Loreen, and stepping on stage under the music of “Tattoo”. Αfter that, the nine contestants walked on the stage, in the style of a “Flag Parade”.

After that, the competition part of the national final started:

NinetyNine – “Love on a budget”

A very radio-friendly, mid-tempo song, that really doesn’t seem to be the one that will break the negative streak of Germany, but a great start for the show overall.

Leona – “Undream you”

A very beautiful ballad, written by Elsie Bay (MGP 2022, 2023), that the crowd in the studio seemed to have liked a lot, as the applauses didn’t stop for the whole performance.

Isaak Guderian – “Always on the run”

Great vocals, on a song that could give germany a result, much better than the previous years, under conditions.

GALANT – “Katze”

A very clever staging, on a somewhat weird song, that could very much be a joke entry.

Floryan – “Scars”

The wildcard of this year’s national final. Floryan performed a moving ballad that the crowd loved, and could easily be tonight’s surprise.

Bodine Monet – “Tears like rain”

Bodine is the second favourite for tonight’s win. A very beautiful performance, with vocals on point, that the crowd loved

RYK – “Oh boy”

The favourite to win the national final, gives a majestic performance with great vocals, but is that enough to give him the ticket to Malmö?

Marie Reim – “Naiv”

An amazing performance by Marie, that could easily get Germany out of the last places, and at the same time, being the first song they select in German after 2007.

Max Mutzke – “Forever strong”

The last performance of the night. Max Mutzke returns after 20 years and hopes to give Germany a result as good as the one he got back in Istanbul 2004.

The final result, was determined by 50% by the voting of the German public, and 50% by a series of international jury. In detail, the result of the international jury are:

  • Switzerland gave 12 points to Ryk
  • Croatia gave 12 points to Bodine Monet
  • Spain gave 12 points to Marie Reim
  • Lithuania gave 12 points to Max Mutzke
  • The United Kingdom gave 12 points to Isaak
  • Iceland gave 12 points to Galant
  • Austria gave 12 points to Isaak
  • Sweden gave 12 points to Ryk

The Jury votes for the German national final!

During the counting of the public votes, we watched a tribute to ABBA, by Barbara Schöneberger and the contestants of the national final.

The voting of the public gave the maximum 12 points to Isaak, giving him the ticket to Eurovision 2024!


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Below, you can watch the winning performance of “Always On The Run” by Isaak once again:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the German participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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