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Germany: Some snapshots from the rehearsals of “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024”!

Tomorrow is the big day for Germany’s national Final, the “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024” where the winner will earn the right to represent Germany in Eurovision 2024, in Malmö.

Thus, only a few hours before the Grand Final, the national broadcaster of Germany, ARD, published some snapshots from all the candidates’ rehearsals, so as the viewers may take a little hint of what is going to happen on stage and what should they expect from the artists more or less.

The official running order of all the nine (9) entarnts for tomorrow night is the following: Take a look…

01) NinetyNine – “Love on a budget”



02) Leona – Undream you”



03) Isaak Guderian – “Always on the run”

Isaak Guderian


04) GALANT – “Katze”



05) Floryan – Scars”



06) Bodine Monet – “Tears like rain”

Bodine Monet


07) RYK – “Oh boy”



08) Marie Reim – “Naiv”

Marie Reim


09) Max Mutzke – “Forever strong”

Max Mutzke


Remember here, that Germany’s National Final “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024” is set to be aired tomorrow, on Friday the 16th of February, while the winner of the show will be determined by a split system between the public’s vote (50%) and the International jury’s vote (the rest 50%).

All of the artists are going to be judged by eight different national juries all around Europe according to a Eurovision-like voting system, giving from 1 point to 12 points. In a possible case of a draw, it will be the public’s first place artist that will represent Germany in Malmö in May.


Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for even more news regarding Germany’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

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