Israel: With the composers of Unicorn or Toy, Eden at Eurovision 2024?

According to Israeli media reports today, KAN rejected one of Eden Golan’s top three candidate songs for Eurovision 2024 because of its lyrics, which contained political overtones. Two songs remain in contention, with major composers signing both.

The delay in announcing the song with which Eden Golan will represent Israel at Eurovision 2024 is due to the fact that KAN rejected one of the top three candidate songs. The verse, YNET reports today, contained political messages and was therefore against the competition’s regulations.

The decision on the song that will be chosen is expected perhaps at the end of the week, as long as the EBU first approves the lyrics of the two remaining songs. A committee will make the final selection and if there is no issue, the song announcement will take place in the next few days.

It is worth noting that the control of the lyrics was done after a request addressed by the Israeli public television to the EBU, something that has happened several times in the past.

The two songs are signed by very important composers, who have great successes to their credit both in Eurovision and outside of it. One is composed by Eden Golan herself and produced by Yanon Yahel and Mai Sepadia (composer of Unicorn) and the other is composed again by Eden Golan, in collaboration with Keren Peles, Avi Ohayon and Stu Bager (composer of Toy ).

All of the above is happening at a time when more than 400 celebrities from the entertainment industry support Israel’s participation in Eurovision and at a time when, once again, the EBU confirms that Israel will participate normally in the competition, separating its case from that of Russia a few years ago.

With the minimum of appearances as you read in our previous article, Israel is expected to participate normally in Malmo, in a very special year for the country and while the war conflict in Gaza continues.

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Source: YNET
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