Israel: The lyrics in question from Eden Golan’s Eurovision 2024 entry!

According to Israeli media reports in recent days, KAN has decided on “October Rain” as the country’s Eurovision entry for 2024. Given the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip, protests throughout Europe, and the contest’s regulations, KAN contacted the EBU to determine whether the song’s lyrics are considered political or not.

The song’s lyrics are currently being reviewed by the EBU, with the fear of being disqualified due to the political overtones, which can also be seen in the song’s title.

The lyrics in question

According to Israel Hayom, “October Rain” is mostly written in English, while the last lines are in Hebrew and go as following:

There’s no air left to breathe.

No place, no me from day to day.

Meanwhile, the song ends with this lyric:

They were all good children each one of them.

Not only the finale of the song can be considered political, but also several other lyrics, such as:

Evening. Everything is black and white. Who is the fool. Who told you boys don’t cry. Hours and hours and flowers. Life is not a game for the cowards…

While time goes by. Every day I’m losing my mind, Holding on

It is worth noticing that the world “Flowers” is used among IDF soldiers referring to fallen soldiers in battle.

Israel – in fear of withdrawal

Although, EBU has not made an official decision yet, KAN does not consider changing the song. According to Israeli, “October Rain” is not political, it simply expresses the feelings of the people and the country in these times. Withdrawing will be the only choice for Israel in case “October Rain” is disqualified.

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Source: israelhayom
5 replies
  1. StuH
    StuH says:

    Well the lyrics describe the situation of thousands of Palestinian children being forced down to the very south of Gaza for more to be murdered within the coming days, so Israel twists the lyrics to play the victim as usual. We are all tired of Israel now. Please just withdraw.

  2. cristina
    cristina says:

    last year Ukraine was allowed to sing about their situation ?? and they won?? what bothers them about Israel’s song?? or maybe the truth hurts

  3. Hillel Gazit
    Hillel Gazit says:

    Nobody in Europe had any problem with politics when Ukraine’s song was:

    “When strangers are coming
    They come to your house
    They kill you all
    and say
    We’re not guilty
    not guilty”

    It is a good thing that Europeans have double standards.
    The alternative is that Europeans would have no standards at all.

  4. Anastasis
    Anastasis says:

    When Turkey invaded Cyprus and Cyprus did a song about it, they got disqualified! When Ukraine did the same it was Russia who got disqualified. Eurovision is a laughable joke and really only kids see it anyways, they can do whatever they want, they cannot speak about values, as they have none! Also Israel should be disqualified for war crimes anyway, not that Palestinians are innocent of course, but disqualification is the right option from all angles and the fact that they did not get disqualified instantly speaks volumes of the lack of values Europe has as a continent, shame.


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