Israel: With “October Rain” Eden Golan in Eurovision 2024?

According to reports in the Israeli media, the song chosen by the country’s public television commission for Eden Golan to compete in Eurovision 2024 is October Rain. However, a conflict between the composers of the song can bring about last-minute twists.

Clash of the creators of October Rain

Eran Suisa of Israel Hayom, a well-known journalist who has from time to time revealed many news concerning Israel in the contest, in his article reveals that the selection of KAN for Eurovision 2024 is the song of Avi Ohion, Keren Peles and Stav Begar, October Rain. The song is in English lyrics, except for two phrases in Hebrew, and refers to the events of October 7, with the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli soil, which resulted in the death of thousands of civilians and the kidnapping of hundreds of hostages. This terrorist attack led to the start of hostilities in Gaza, between the armed forces of Israel and the fighters of Hamas. A war conflict that continues to this day.

The announcement of the song was expected to happen immediately after its approval by the EBU, while the video clip would be released in early March. However, a last-minute development may bring reversals. So according to what Era Suisa reports, Stav Begar reportedly wants his name placed among the creators of the song, with Avi Ohion and Keren Peles not agreeing and insisting that he should be credited simply as an arranger.

Stav Berger claims that if his request is not accepted, he will ask for the song to be withdrawn. This would eventually result in the second shortlisted song, Mai Safdia and Yanon Yahal (creators of Unicorn) being selected.

Is October Rain a political song?

In addition to all of the above, the debate was also opened as to whether Israel could participate in the competition, with a song with this title and these implications?

There are not a few who believe that the song is clearly political and the EBU should not allow it. On the other hand, there are also voices that parallel the case of October Rain with Jamala’s 1944, saying that the song simply recounts events that have happened, having a historical and not a political connotation.

The solution will be given by the EBU which will approve or not the lyrics of the song. KAN in any case has an alternative solution, the second song, which it has also sent for approval to the EBU.

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