Israelis are urging Icelanders to vote for Hera Björk instead of Bashar Murad!

The Eurovision Song Contest is another venue where the crises and conflict in the Middle East are clearly reflected. An example of this is the debates over Israel‘s participation in this year’s event.

Iceland‘s participation this year has political ramifications as well. Palestinian-born artist Bashar Murad is one of the artists claiming to represent the country. Due to this circumstance, the artist is the clear favourite to represent the country and has concurrently boosted Iceland in the betting tables.

Given this, a significant number of Jews have opposed to this entry. Indeed, there have been calls for Icelandic citizens to boycott Murad’s participation in the “Israeli-Icelandic Conversation” Facebook page, which strives to promote relations between the two countries. A such example is the post made by Yogev Segal, the group manager, urging Icelanders to vote for Hera Björk, the country’s representative in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, in order to prevent Bashar Murad from winning.

In view of the above, developments over the next period are expected to be of particular interest.

Below you can watch the performances of Hera Björk and Bashar Murad:

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Source: Heimildin

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  1. Eurofan
    Eurofan says:

    God forbid a Palestinian who supports the freedom of his people wins and competes against Israelis who support their genocide! Classic Zionist mafia behavior.


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