Moldova: Today marks the final of Etapa Națională 2024!

The process to select Moldova’s representative for Eurovision 2024 concludes today. The Eastern European country will hold a national final for the third consecutive year to choose the artist who will compete in Malmo, with the grand final of Etapa Națională 2024 set to take place in just a few hours from now.


Eleven artists will compete in the grand final of Etapa Națională 2024, including:

  1. Nicoleta Sava – “Bravo”
  2. Valeria Pasha – “Anti-Princess”
  3. Reghina Alexandrina – “Contrasens”
  4. Viola Julea – “Light up!”
  5. OL – “No Time No Space”
  6. Sasha Letty – “DNA”
  7. Natalia Barbu – “In the middle”
  8. Y-Limit“REVOLUTION”
  9. Cătălina Solomac – “Fever”
  10. Victor Gulick – “Fever”
  11. Iulia Teleucă – “Runaway”

Among the 11 artists, there are familiar names, such as Natalia Barbu, Moldova’s representative at Eurovision 2007 with the song “Fight.”

Final Outcome

The grand winner of the Moldovan national final and representative of the Eastern European country will be determined through a combination of public voting and jury deliberation. The Moldovan audience and the competent jury will each contribute 50% to the final outcome.


Naturally, the grand final of Etapa Națională 2024 will feature some special guests who will add their unique touch to the evening.

The Moldovan National Final will feature the legendary Romanian band HOLOGRAF. Holograf is one of the most famous and long-standing bands in the Romanian music scene. With hits like “Să nu-mi iei niciodată dragostea” and “Primăvara începe cu tine,” the band has captured the hearts of millions of fans.

The hosts of Etapa Națională 2024 will be Ion Jalbă and Doina Stimpovschii.

The grand final of the Moldovan national selection will begin at 18:00 CET and can be watched on the Moldovan public television’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

The winner of last year’s Etapa Națională and Moldova’s representative at Eurovision 2023 was Pasha Parfeni with the song “Soarele și luna,” who finished in the eighteenth position in the rankings.

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