Poland: Luna was not TVP’s first choice?

Yesterday, TVP revealed that the winner of the Polish internal preselection was Luna with her song “Tower“. Luna finished in the first place with a total of 34 points, while Justyna Steczkowska and Kayah and Dagadana on the second and third place respectively.

However, some internal sources from TVP claim that Luna was not the jury’s first pick and the voting had to be repeated.

Problem with the song selected originally?

According to the aforementioned sources, Kayah and Dagadana won the original jury vote. However, according to a pre-selection juror, some problems with the song prompted TVP to repeat the voting process.

The first issue was related to Eurovision’s regulation having a maximum number of six people on stage. Because the song involved more than six artists, changes would be required to meet Eurovision standards, as well as the use of a shortened version of the song. Second, there was a chance that the song would not meet the contest’s regulations, but no further information was provided on this matter.

Furthermore, the bid would serve as the soundtrack to a Polish film, which raised concerns for TVP, despite the fact that the record label reported no issues.

As a result, TVP decided to hold another round of voting. Luna finished second in the original vote.

Was there actually a problem?

Both the musicians and the record label are unaware of all of this. They all claim that they were not informed of any problems with their bid and were only aware that they finished third.

Because the song’s composers were not informed of any issues by TVP, it is unclear whether there were legitimate legal reasons for repeating the voting process or if it was solely due to TVP.

Anyway, Luna was TVP’s final choice for Eurovision 2024 with her entry “Tower“. Poland will perform on the first half of the first semi-final on May 7.

You can also watch EurovisionFun’s reaction video on “Tower”, below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: teleshow.wp.pl
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