Poland: Luna will represent the country in Malmö with her song “Tower”!

We finally have an announcement. Luna is the winner of TVP’s internal selection for Eurovision 2024 and will therefore represent Poland in Malmö with her song “Tower“.

Back in early January, Luna shared via her Instagram account that she has a new song coming, which she would submit to the Polish preselection in Eurovision 2024. “Tower“, Luna’s bid for Eurovision 2024 was released on January 24, quickly dominating the “New Music Friday” playlist on Spotify in eighteen different countries.

There was an extensive speculation for the past week, claiming that Luna was the winner of the Polish internal pre-selection, defeating the fan-favorite Justyna Steczkowska. It appears that the rumors are eventually true and Luna will fly the Polish flag in Malmö.

The announcement took place this morning, while the Polish entry was uploaded on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

How was Luna selected?

The selection process involved a panel that evaluated the songs on the basis of specific criteria.

five-person jury evaluated each entry, awarding points on a scale of 1 to 10 based on quality. The entry with the highest marks secured the coveted place of Poland’s representative at Eurovision 2024.

Many Polish artists had expressed their interest in representing the country in Malmö publicly, with the list containing more than fifty artists.

Just a point ahead of the second place!

Following the afore-mentioned selection process, TVP’s expert committee consisted of five members:

  • Łukasz Pieter
  • Michał Hanczak
  • Konrad Szczęsny
  • Piotr Klatt
  • Kasia Moś

Luna emerged as the winner of the internal pre-selection, receiving a total of 34 points, with a margin of a single point from the second place. Justyna Steczkowska finished second with her song “WITCH-ER Tarohoro”, receiving 33 points from the jury. Meanwhile, on the third place there was a tie between Kayah and Dagadana with “Jesień – Tańcuj” and Marcin Maciejczak with “Midnight Dreamer”.

Who is Luna?

23-year-old Luna is considered as one of the country’s rising stars in the pop music scene. She uses Luna as her stage name, because she has observed moon’s influence in her life. Luna means moon in latin. Luna is her alter ego, full of mystery and energy.

Do you agree with Poland’s choice for Eurovision 2024? Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: eurovision.tv , TVP
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