Portugal: The guests of Festival da Canção 2024

The public broadcaster of Portugal, announced the list of guest, that will step on stage of Festival da Canção, the national final for Eurovision 2024. The artists were announced in the past weeks, through the official Instagram account of the national final.

The list of the guests in the Portuguese national final, consists of singers that have previously represented the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. One of them is António Calvário who was the first representative of Portugal in Eurovision 1964!

The guests of the Festival are:

  • Anabela – represented Portugal at Eurovision 1993
  • Inês Santos – represented Portugal at Eurovision 1998 as a part of the group Alma Lusa.
  • Isaura – songwriter and co-performer for Portugal at Eurovision 2018 with Cláudia Pascoal.
  • The Black Mamba – represented Portugal at Eurovision 2021.
  • Mimicat – represented Portugal at Eurovision 2023.
  • Helena Isabel – participated in Festival da Canção 1974 and 1983.
  • Herman José – participated in Festival da Canção 1984 and hosted Festival da Canção in 1977 and 1995
  • Delfins – participated in Festival da Canção 1985.
  • António Sala – hosted Festival da Canção in 1993 and 1997.
  • Pedro Granger – Festival da Canção 2012 host and Portuguese Eurovision commentator in 2012.
  • Sónia Araújo – recurring Festival da Canção presenter.
  • Jorge Gabriel – recurring Festival da Canção presenter.
  • Catarina Furtado – one of the hosts of Eurovision 2018 and a recurring Festival da Canção presenter.
  • Selma Uamusse – a Mozambican soul, gospel, afrobeat singer known for her Afro-Portuguese music.

This year’s festival will take place with 20 songs, that will be divided in the two Semi-Finals, 10 songs in each semi-final. Ten of which, are going to participate in the final, five from each semi-final. The results will be definded through the equal voting of the juries and the televoters (50% -50%), and in case of tie regarding the fifth qualifier the jury will define the result.

The host of the green room will be Inês Lopes Gonçalves while the hosts of the show for each Festival da Canção 2024 will be Filomena Cautela & Vasco Palmeirim.

The two Semi-Finals of Festival da Canção 2024 are set to take place on 24th of February and 2nd of March respectively, while the Grand Final, which will deterime the next representative of Portugal is going to take place on 9th of March 2024.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Portuguese participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

Source: RTP

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