San Marino: Fans request San Marino RTV to consider Annalisa or Mahmood for Eurovision | The first established artist for UVPSM 2024 will be revealed tomorrow!

The most successful edition of Festival de Sanremo in many years saw its conclusion past Saturday. While, Angelina Mango won the big prize and will therefore represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, she was not the only contestant to draw the audience’s attention.

Except for Angelina Mango, Eurovision fans went crazy for Annalisa’s entry as well as Mahmood’s entry, who has already participated at the Eurovision Song Contest twice. Annalisa finished third overall with her song “Sinceramente“, while Mahmood placed sixth, just outside the top five with “Tuta Gold“. Mahmood and Annalisa are both well-liked by Eurovision fans, who expected their Sanremo 2024 entries to do well on the Eurovision stage.

A request to San Marino RTV

Hence and since they are not able to represent Italy this year, Eurovision fans request San Marino RTV via social media to approach them and send them to Eurovision. In reality, aside from Mahmood, Annalisa has tried her luck in Sanremo numerous times and has failed to win the big prize, so many Eurovision fans who wish to see her in Eurovision believe that representing San Marino may be her last chance.

Indicatively, some of the tweets posted mention that:

“It would be wonderful if San Marino RTV brought @NaliOfficial [Annalisa] to #Eurovision2024”.

“Annalisa please go to the Eurovision with San Marino and win, giving everyone a humiliation!”

“So how do we send Mahmood to compete in Eurovision with San Marino?! @SanMarino_RTV don’t you want to take revenge and win this festival?!”

“I would like to remind San Marino that Annalisa and Mahmood may be available and that they are ready to give us, rightly, the xxxx”

San Marino’s response and the reveal of the established artists for UVPSM 2024

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Federico Pedini Amati spoke to San Marino RTV about the afore-mentioned issue. According to him:

Why not? Anyone can register, the contest is open to everyone, not just those who were in Sanremo. We expect some news. Then we talk about Annalisa, Mahmood or others… I have heard that someone might be really interested and tomorrow we will be able to know more. 

It’s not one of these two so we spoil this possibility but if they arrived we would be really very happy . But I’m not saying this because they are singers that we have seen at the Festival now, but because they are very famous singers who would honor and greatly raise the level of our contest too.

Hence, tomorrow the first established artist who will compete in UVPSM 2024 will be revealed.

In case San Marino takes into consideration the fans’ desire, it will not be the first time that a Sanremo participant takes the Eurovision stage representing San Marino. In 2022, Achille Lauro represented San Marino in Turin with his song “Stripper“. A couple weeks prior “Una Voce per San Marino” final, Achille participated in Festival di Sanremo, finishing fourteenth.

Una Voce per San Marino 2024

129 emerging artists will compete in the semi-finals of the Sanmarinese national selection for Malmö, out of which eight will advance to the Grand Final. Those eight artists will be joined in the final by eight artists selected and invited by RTV as established artists. The semi-finals for the emerging artists will take place on February 15 and 16 and will be broadcasted from February 19 to February 23.

The Grand Final of UVPSM 2024 will take place on February 24 at Teatro Nuovo di Dogana and the winner of the selection will therefore have the right to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö in terms of meeting the criteria of eligibility of RTV.

Despite this marathon session of a national selection, Piqued Jacks, UVPSM 2023 winners, did not manage to qualify to the Grand Final, finishing dead least with nul points.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: RTVSanMarino
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