The first Greek Eurovision Pre-Party will probably take place on March 23, in Athens!

The first Greek Eurovision pre-party is anticipated to take place in Athens this year, as we exclusively disclosed around a month ago. Since March 23rd is the predicted date of the event, the talks are in progress, a few artists have already confirmed their attendance, and if nothing unexpected happens, the official announcements will be made in the coming days.

A popular Greek eurostar with presentation experience will be presenting the party, according to our exclusive information. Already, five of this year’s Eurovision contestants confirmed  that they would like to attend the first Greek pre-party; additional responses are anticipated.

However, in addition to this year’s Eurostars, well-known performers who competed as representatives of Greece and Cyprus will also be performing at the event. 2024 is the ideal year to host the first Eurovision pre-party in Athens, as it marks Greece’s 50th year of participating in the competition.

As previously reported, the event is anticipated to take place in a well-known concert venue in Athens. However, before any official announcements are made and the ticket pre-sale starts, certain details need to be finalised.

Of course, Eurovisionfun will be there to update you on everything that happens. The surprises don’t end here, of course, as we will soon be able to announce our own big party in Thessaloniki to mark our five years of operation.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the Eurovision 2024 updates!


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