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Australia: Electric Fields will represent the country in Malmö with “One Milkali (One Blood)”!

We finally have an announcement from the “Land Down Under”. SBS, the Australian public television, has revealed that Electric Fields will represent Australia in Malmö with their song “One Milkali (One Blood)”.

You can listen to “One Milkali (One Blood)”, below:


The entry’s reveal was scheduled for today, while a few days ago The Voyager, last year’s representatives, teased us with the announcement of their successors.

How we got to Electric Fields?

For the second consecutive year, SBS opted for an internal selection in order to decide its Eurovision 2024 act. No information was given regarding the procedure, while the rumors were excessive. Names like Delta Goodrem, Dannii Minogue and Dami Im were circulating as the potential Australian representatives with all of the aforementioned denying these rumors later.

It appears that Electric Fields were SBS pick for Eurovision 2024 and everyone else was just fans’ wishful thinking.

Who are Electric Fields?

Electric Fields is an Australian electronic music duo made up of vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboard player and producer Michael Ross. Electric Fields combine modern electric-soul music with Aboriginal culture.

They are no strangers to the Eurovision community. Electric Fields took part in the country’s first national final, Australia Decides – Eurovision 2019, where they placed second behind Kate Miller-Heidke with their song “2000 and Whatever“.

What do you think of  “One Milkali (One Blood)”? Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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