Austria: Listen to “We Will Rave” by Kaleen for Eurovision 2024!

In January 16, ORF, the public broadcaster of Austria, announced that Kaleen, a pop singer and dancer, will be the country’s representative in Malmö!

Kaleen was selected internally by ORF, after an internal process conducted by the second, in which Austria is used to, in recent years.

Kaleen’s anticipated song for Eurovision 2024, which has made a great impression already, was revealed through a special show.

Her song is titled “We Will Rave” and is in English while being influenced by techno music (You can listen to it in the video below):

Who is Raiven?

Kaleen is an Austrian pop singer-songwriter based in Vienna, whose vibrant music manifests the brightest, most exhilarating sides of life.

As an award-winning professional dancer, Kaleen has competed countless times, winning over 80 first places and garnering awards such as Best Female Talent and Best Choreography at various dance competitions. Fueled by a desire to fulfill her dreams, the self-taught artist learned to write her own songs, channeling the same effervescent energy of dance into songwriting.

Her stage presence, inspired by early Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, marries itself perfectly to her sparkling, engaging music. Kaleen’s sound is confident and upbeat, radiating the kind of magnetic energy that draws people together for a good time.

Kaleen’s dazzling spirit is a contagious miracle, spreading confidence, joy and beauty. She feels most herself on stage, dancing and sharing her passion with her audience, creating radiant moments for people to enjoy and remember.

Her song title is “We Will Rave” and it’s techno-inspired She is a professional dancer, choreographer and singer. Kaleen has quite a lot of experience working for Eurovision: numerous JESC stagings, stage director of the JESC 2022, a director of the German selection for Eurovision 2023 and many other Austrian and German shows.

She also collaborated with Martin Deitmann on many-many projects But you may remember her from the iconic Cyprus 2018 stand-in rehearsal where she performed Eleni’s parts on stage, in fact she also were a stand-in performer for Armenian entry “Dance” by Nare at JESC 2022.

What do you think of the Austrian entry for Eurovision 2024? Will she manage to qualify for the final and get a great result?

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Austrian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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