Israel: The country will ultimately participate in Eurovision 2024 | On March 10 the reveal of the entry!

Israel Public Television (KAN) continues its preparations on Israel’s entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Israeli entry will be revealed on Sunday, March 10, at 21:30, with Eden Golan performing it for the first time.

A change of direction for KAN

In contrast to its earlier statements, Israel Radio and Television announced that it is taking all the required steps in order for Israel to compete in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) opted to reject the two songs that had placed first in the KAN internal selection on the grounds that the lyrics of the songs do not comply with the competition’s regulations and are of a political nature.

KAN followed the suggestions of Yitzhak Herzog, the country’s president, who spoke to the company’s board and requested that the song lyrics be changed to allow Israel to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is important for Israel to perform at Eurovision because it is a stage for hundreds of millions of viewers. Sometimes it’s better to be smart than right.

KAN officially announced the change in lyrics for the two songs via social media:

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation has been working for the past few weeks to take the necessary steps to allow Israel to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite its disagreement with the position of the EBU, which sought to exclude the two songs submitted by Israel to the Competition on the grounds that they were “political in nature”, KAN took the advice of the country’s president, Yitzhak Herzog, who turned to our board and asked for the necessary adjustments to be made, which will allow Israel to compete on the Eurovision stage.

The President of the country emphasized that at the very moment when our enemies seek to push for the boycott of Israel from every platform – Israel must raise its voice and hold its head high and raise its flag in every world forum, especially this year.

KAN contacted the creators of the two selected songs,“October Rain” which was selected in first place and the song “Dance Forever” which came in second place, and asked them to readjust the lyrics while maintaining full artistic freedom. Based on the new lyrics – KAN will select the song to be sent to the Eurovision supervisory committee to approve Israel’s participation in the Contest.

On Sunday March 10, at 21:30, KAN 11 will broadcast a special show in which the song sent to Eurovision will be revealed and performed by Eden Golan.

We remind you that “October Rain” was written by Stav Bager (from the creators and producers of “Toy”, Eurovision 2018), Avi Ohion, and Keren Pels, the judge of “The Next Star”. “Dance Forever” was written by Ron Beaton, Mai Safdia (“Unicorn”), and Yanon Yahal (“Golden Boy”, Unicorn).

The 37 participating countries of Eurovision 2024 must submit their entries to the EBU by March 11 in order for the competition’s reference group to approve them. This practically means that the EBU can reject the two songs again if it believes there is a political overtone in the lyrics, though based on recent developments, this does not appear likely. KAN states that all necessary measures will be taken to allow Israel to participate.

Germany supports Israel

In its Eurovision 2024 participation, Israel has a strong ally, Germany. Through the country’s Minister of Culture, Germany declares that they support Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024.

Minister of Culture, Claudia Roth, in an interview with Spiegel mentions:

Jewish artists can no longer perform because the boycott prevents them.

Banning Israel because “October Rain” would convey political content is absurd. I heard the song and think it is very good.

As a dedicated fan of Eurovision for decades we should remember that Dana International supported a free, cosmopolitan and diverse Israel. People who today talk about Hamas as a supposed liberation movement obviously have no idea. It would be a scandal if Israel is excluded.

Hence, March 10 is the release date of Israel’s entry for Eurovision 2024.

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Source: euromix,spiegel
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