The impediments of Israel’s Eurovision 2024 participation seem to have been lifted

Up until today, there was uncertainty about Israel‘s participation in this year’s Eurovision. It has been questioned if the country would be able to participate after the EBU rejected two songs because of the political context of their lyrics. But it appears that this problem has been resolved.

The report mentioned above has been published by Ynet, which has previously been the source of numerous leaks regarding Israel’s participation this year. More precisely, the EBU has approved the revised lyrics of the song that KAN, the country’s public broadcaster, submitted, meaning that the impediments have now been lifted, according to sources from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Hurricane”, the song that Eden Golan will perform in May, was written by  Stav Begar (who co-wrote and produced “Toy”, with which Netta win Eurovision 2018), Avi Ohion, and Keren Ples (who participated on the “The Star Next” judging panel).

The above information remains to be confirmed by the EBU.

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Source: Ynet

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      • Chris
        Chris says:

        I firmly believe that supporting Israel in Eurovision is giving them green light to continue their mass slaughter of innocent civilians. We must continue to raise awareness of Israels multiple lies, war crimes, apartheid and genocide. By removing Israel from eurovision or boycotting the event, we as humanitarians can say that what Israel is doing is not acceptable in any way shape or form. Never again means never again, unless you’re a zionist it seems.

  1. jude
    jude says:

    terrorists killing babies israel are killing innocent people most babies and women please ban israel so we can have fun in eurovision like we always have please take them out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    It is sick and hideous that they can perform for Israel – a country that has been found guilty of genocide and STILL continues to do so. It’s quite the gruesome backdrop for her to dance to! #boycotteurovision2024


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