Cyprus: Official Response from RIK Regarding Nea’s Article Tomorrow Monday!

Tomorrow, Monday, through the morning show of RIK1, the head of the Cypriot delegation to the contest, Ms. Evi Papamichael, is expected to give official answers to everything mentioned in the article of Nea, which has monopolized Eurovision interest for the past 24 hours.

The official position of RIK through the delegation leader of the country in the competition will be known tomorrow, Monday. Ms. Evi Papamichael is expected to provide answers regarding the stance that RIK will take on all the allegations made through the article of the newspaper “Ta Nea Savvatokyriako“, which has already been transmitted both through television broadcasts and online.

According to what was said on the show “I Love Soukou”, we will learn tomorrow the reaction of RIK, as well as the actions it will take or may have already taken and have not been disclosed. On the other hand, ERT continues not to respond to yesterday’s allegations, despite the continuous pressures from all media outlets.

We remind you that, based on what the newspaper reports, on February 21, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Athens, Mr. Augustides, and the President of ERT, Mr. Zoulas, met at the Radio House of Agia Paraskevi. Among the things discussed, the Ambassador informs the Cypriot government through an official document that the President of ERT notified him that Greece will not give a high score to Cyprus in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Nea reports:

It clearly predicted the result of the Greek jury, which had not even been formed in February, for a vote that would take place three months later.

The issue is not exactly insignificant. This is because, according to the regulations of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) governing the regulations, ERT does not vote, as Zoulas informed the Ambassador of Cyprus, but is required to establish an independent jury, which is explicitly prohibited from consisting of employees of state television, in order to evaluate the entries on artistic and only criteria, without being influenced by external factors.

With great interest, before we take a position on the issue, we will await the official explanations from ERT, as well as the stance that RIK and EBU will take in the face of this apparent violation of the regulations.

Eurovisionfun will monitor the issue and keep you informed, as always, of any developments, in this very serious issue that has arisen and will obviously monopolize interest in Greece and Cyprus in the coming days.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

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