EBU for what is revealed in the Cypriot Ambassador’s document: “We condemn any attempt to manipulate the vote”!

The EBU gave an answer to the issue that arose in the previous days with the official document of the Cypriot Ambassador about his meeting with the President of ERT, during which, according to the former, Mr. Zoulas announced the low score of Cyprus in the upcoming song contest Eurovision. According to what was published by the newspaper Ta Nea, which is published today, Monday 22/4, the EBU reacted to all these developments, publicly condemning any attempt to manipulate the scores of either the critical committees or the televoting.

The voting voting rules for the Eurovision Song Contest, which are known to all participating broadcasters, describe that the juries must vote independently and in a completely fair and objective manner. We condemn any attempt to manipulate either the public or the jury vote in the Eurovision Song Contest. All voting procedures are checked by an independent observer to ensure that we provide a fair and valid result throughout the competition.


The issue is again hosted on the front page of the newspaper:

The EBU document was also made public through Alpha’s show, Super Katerina.

In today’s article in Ta Nea, it is stated that there is particular concern in the EBU for the question marks that have been created, as well as that the answer given by the President of ERT did not particularly reassure the European decision-makers. We will, of course, monitor the matter and inform you of any new developments.

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