Finland: Does Windows95Man’s outfit break EBU’s regulations?

Finland‘s Eurovision entry is called “No Rules”, but the country’s delegation is by far the one that has had to alter its performance the most in order to adhere to the EBU‘s rules. Representatives of Finnish public television have stated that Windows95Man may have to change his outfit once more .

Anssi Autio, Yle‘s producer, specifically stated that Windows95Man might not be permitted to wear the underwear he wore in the national final of the country. The fact that the colour of the clothing in question is the same as that of the singer’s skin may be contrary to the regulations of the other participating broadcasters.

“Not all countries are as familiar with nudity as Finland is”

Autio further stated that the ultimate decision on the matter is anticipated to be taken in Malmö during the rehearsals. The Finnish delegation has thus prepared alternatives.

This isn’t the first time Windows95Man has had to change his outfit. While he was permitted to maintain his stage name, the EBU refused to let him wear the T-shirt bearing the corporate name “Windows” because it violated the competition regulations, which forbid any form of advertisement. Thus, the artist selected a new shirt featuring a blurred logo.

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Source: Yle

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