The Netherlands: A new form of the moon landing in Eurovision 2024?

Gover Meit thinks that the viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest next month will see something that has never been seen before during the event when it is the turn of the Netherlands to appear on stage. “It will be a new form of the moon landing. It has never been done before,” said the theater maker, who is coming to Malmö as creative director.

People are not going to believe that this is physically possible,” he continued, without going into details about Joost Klein‘s act. Meit, who is known to the general public as Stefano Keizers, is a good friend of Joost and can also be seen in Europapa’s video clip. He probably won’t be on stage himself. Meit says he is needed ‘behind the scenes’.

Joost Klein has also previously said that something awaits the Eurovision Song Contest that ‘has never happened before’.

In any case, the bookmakers have high expectations of the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest entry. On Saturday Klein rose from four to three and now only has Croatia and Switzerland in front of him at the betting offices.

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