Controversy Erupts as EU Flags Banned at Eurovision Final

The European Broadcasting Union’s move to prohibit EU flags during Saturday’s Eurovision final has sparked outrage, with Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas denouncing it as a boon to “enemies of Europe.”

Expressing bewilderment at the decision, Schinas criticized the timing of the ban amidst upcoming European elections and amidst demonstrations in Tbilisi supporting EU democratic values. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s spokesperson also lamented the ban, highlighting the significance of the EU flag alongside national flags on public buildings.

“It’s mind-blowing, what the EBU did,” Schinas told POLITICO’s Brussels Playbook after the song contest’s widely watched conclusion was overshadowed by political controversy.

Schinas questioned the rationale behind the ban and its beneficiaries, suggesting it primarily benefits Euroskeptics and foes of Europe.

“I cannot find the logical explanation for why the EBU is doing this. And what does this serve?”

“Less than a month from the European elections, who wins from banning the EU flag from Eurovision?” the commissioner added. “Only the Euroskeptics and the enemies of Europe.”

The EBU defended its policy, stating it remained consistent with previous years, permitting only flags of participating countries and pride flags. However, Schinas vowed to address the issue with EBU management, seeking clarification.

“I will talk to them. I won’t let this pass,” he said. “I will seek explanations and clarifications.”

In the midst of the controversy, Nemo, a Swiss rapper, emerged as the winner of Eurovision 2024, delivering a powerful message about self-discovery as a non-binary person.

Despite the festivities, this year’s competition in Malmö, Sweden, was overshadowed by geopolitical tensions, with protests and mixed reactions during performances. Reflecting on the event, Nemo humorously noted the mishap of breaking their trophy and suggested Eurovision could use some “fixing” too.

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Source: Politico

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