Belgium Mustii Second Rehearsal

Eurovision 2024: Belgium’s Second Rehearsal!

Coming up next for his second rehearsal is Mustii from Belgium to sing “Before The Party Is Over“!

Who is Mustii? 

With two successful albums under his belt, this flamboyant performer is no stranger to Belgian audiences. 

Thomas Mustin is an author, composer, singer and actor, known for a plethora of roles in theatre, television and Netflix productions, including popular Belgian series La Trêve and feature films including Grave, Un Petit Boulot and L’Echange des Princesses. 

In 2017, he landed a lead role alongside Mathilde Seigner in the French TV film “Je Voulais Juste Rentrer Chez Moi”, in which he played the infamous Patrick Dils, before playing Hamlet in 2019 under the direction of Emmanuel Dekoninck. 

Mustii was selected internally by RTBF for Eurovision 2024. In fact, Mustii was the first Eurovision 2024 representative unveiled back in August 2023. 

The Rehearsal 

Time for Belgium’s Mustii now, rehearsing his dramatic ballad Before The Party’s Over. Mustii is a well-known name in Belgium – he’s a singer, actor and judge on Belgium’s version of Drag Race. 

This performance brings a lot of the intense, slow-build mood we saw in the official video, with a circle of microphones on a smoky platform that slowly turns, and lots of cloudy graphics on the wall and floor. Mustii is wearing an open white shirt with a gem-encrusted top underneath that catches the arena light. 

For the final section Mustii moves to front stage and lifts the roof off the arena – backing vocals for this song are provided by hundreds of Eurovision fans, so it’s very much a United By Music effort. The pounding drums at the end vibrate through the arena floor until you feel it in your chest – definitely another hold your breath moment from this year. 

The Dress Rehearsal for Belguim and all the other Second Semi-Final participating countries is scheduled for Wednesday, 8th of May! 



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