Eurovision 2024: Spain’s Second Rehearsal!

Next up on the stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is Spain. Nebulossa with their song “ZORRA” are ready for their second rehearsal on the stage of Malmö Arena!

Who are Nebulossa?

This synth-pop duo from Alicante features Mery Bas providing vocals and Mark Dasousa on synths.

Bas and Dasousa are also a couple in real life, having been married for over 20 years and having two children. Bas decided to embark on a musical career after turning 50, and the artist wants to encourage people to break free from society’s labels and celebrate their identities and liberty. That’s how Nebulossa was born

The lyrics of “ZORRA” are autobiographical and were conceived as self-therapy by Mery, who needed to express herself to shake all the feelings of discrimination she has felt for being a free-spirited woman.

Nebulossa won Benidorm Fest 2024, the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2024, and got the ticket for Malmö.

The Rehearsal

Next up it’s Spain’s Nebulossa, bringing huge shoulders and big 80s synth-pop vibes to the Eurovision stage. They are made up of vocalist Mery Bas, and Mark Dasousa on the guitar.

Zorra means ‘vixen’ in Spanish, but it’s also used as a slur about women – I would share the relevant words, but after Aiko bra-gate, I’m trying not to crash the live blog. So this song is about reclaiming the word Zorra and breaking free from the discrimination free-spirited women are subjected to.

Spain second rehearsal Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

It’s also a huge disco bop, and fans of Benidorm Fest *waves in Spanish* will be delighted to learn that the circular red sofa has come to Malmo, but a front section has been painted gold so it’s giving a very classy Spanish flag. We don’t find this out until the end of the intro, however, because this performance starts INSIDE the middle cube – it’s the first time we’ve seen it lowered to the stage. Which means there’s ACTUALLY A BOX. Incredible.

The whole vibe and aesthetic is very much what we saw at Benidorm Fest, but just bigger and more fabulous – with lyrics on the LED wall during the singalong sections, and huge ZORRAs pulsing on the cubes.

Spain second rehearsal Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

Mery’s costume is a sheer lace catsuit with flared trousers and giant puffy shoulders – we’ve just been told that it was designed by US designer Michael Costelloe and is encrusted with over 100,000 tiny crystals.

Her two male dancers, meanwhile, start in stylish black suits, but they’re soon dispensed with to reveal bare chests, thonged corsets, and PVC thigh boots. It’s three minutes of pure theatre, and we can’t wait to hear the whole crowd singing along to this next week.

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