Eurovision 2024: Tonight marks the second semifinal!

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest continues today in Malmo with the second semifinal.

Sixteen countries will participate in tonight’s show, with ten of them advancing to Saturday’s grand final, where the winner of Eurovision 2024 will be crowned.

The presenters for tonight’s event, as well as all shows until Saturday, will be Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman.

The 16 participating countries in tonight’s second semifinal are:


1 Malta Sarah Bonnici “Loop”
2 Albania Besa “Titan”
3 Greece MarinaSatti “Zari”
4 Switzerland Nemo “The Code”
5 Czechia Aiko “Pedestal”
6 Austria Kaleen “We Will Rave​”
7 Denmark Saba “Sand”
8 Armenia Ladaniva “Jako”
9 Latvia Dons “Hollow”
10 San Marino
Megara “11:11”
11 Georgia Nutsa Buzaladze “Firefighter”
12 Belgium Mustii “Before the Party’s Over”
13 Estonia 5miinust & Puuluup “(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”
14 Israel Eden Golan “Hurricane”
15 Norway Gåte “Ulveham”
16 The Netherlands
Joost Klein “Europapa”

Let’s not forget that in this year’s contest, for the first time, we will see the Big 5 and the host country, Sweden, present their songs in the semifinals via live stream. Therefore, today we will witness France, Spain, and Italy perform on stage. These countries, in addition to performing, will also vote for their favorite entries from the second semifinal of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

The second semifinal kicks off at 21:00 CET, and you can watch it live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, as well as on various public broadcaster across Europe.

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