Former member of the Reference Group says that Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024 was a mistake!

Miša Molk is a producer and TV personality who has worked for years with the Slovenian Eurovision delegation. She was also a member of the Eurovision Reference Group from 2001-2009. In her statements she states that it was a mistake by the EBU to allow Israel to participate in Eurovision 2024.

Appearing on the TV program Odmevi, Molk was asked by the show’s host Igor Bergant if we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Eurovision as we know it:

“I think we are close. Although to deceive you with bread and shows is deceitful and very misleading. It is also humiliating for those who have no bread, who have no roof over their heads, who have no water, who have no life. For this reason, I think it can no longer stand in this form and that this glorification of war crimes through music is shameful.”

In conclusion, Molk was asked about the future of Eurovision after the controversial events of this year’s contest and whether Slovenia should be part of it.

The former Reference Group member warned that the desire to compete and put on a big show means many will quickly forget what happened in this year’s competition. Since the Israel-Gaza conflict could likely be ongoing in May 2025, Molk noted that next year’s event would repeat the same mistakes if no action is taken on the issue.


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  1. Sebastian Elfassi magrib
    Sebastian Elfassi magrib says:

    Eurovision is a music competition for artists musicians and songwriters not a competition for politics politicians Govts and nations since when did eurovision become a political competition for Govts and Politics and politicians


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