Israel: Eden Golan performs October Rain for the first time

In a rally that took place in the center of Tel Aviv and is organized by the relatives and victims of those kidnapped by Hamas, with a request for their return, Eden Golan was present and in front of a crowd of people she performed for the first time the original version of the song with which she represented Israel in Eurovision 2024.

The song with which Eden Golan was originally going to represent Israel in the contest was titled October Rain, naturally referring to the events of October and the terrorist attack by Hamas at the Nova Festival. The EBU did not accept the lyrics of the song, considering that they contain political content and so after the necessary changes, Eden sang Hurricane in Malmö.

On Saturday night 18/5, for the first time she performed the original version of the song, with the original lyrics. In a rally of support, which they organize from time to time in Tel Aviv, the relatives of those kidnapped by Hamas, Eden Golan together with other artists (one of them was Netta the winner of Eurovision 2018), united their voices with those gathered and demanded from the government to do the necessary for the immediate return of the hostages still held in Gaza.

For the record, more than 100 people remain hostages in the hands of Hamas.

You can watch Eden Golan’s performance in the video below:

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