Israel Eden Golan Second Rehearsal

Israel: Eden Golan’s appearance at the jury rehearsal of the semi-final was met with disapproval and applause!

The appearance of Eden Golan on behalf of Israel in the jury rehearsal of the second semi-final, which is currently taking place at the Malmö Arena, was marked by disapproval, but also by applause!

Eden Golan performed her entry “Hurricane” for the first time in front of the audience! Some in the stands strongly disapproved of Israel’s participation, chanting Free Palestine. The police present inside the Malmö Arena immediately intervened and restrained these people. But apart from disapproval there was also a lot of applause for Eden and her flawless appearance.

It is worth noting that at noon at the journalists’ rehearsal, despite the fact that there was relatively little applause, there were no disapprovals from any accredited journalist.

In the recap afterwards, there was no shot of Eden Golan in the green room. She probably left for security reasons.


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