Norway: NRK refers discussions of the Norwegian jury mebers to the EBU for assessment!

Norway’s national television broadcaster, NRK, confirmed that it has sent some information, regarding discussions around the Norwegian jury’s voting to the EBU for assessment.

Daniel Owen, who was one of the Norwegian jury members, expressed his regret about Norway’s jury giving 8 points to Israel this year.

In a post on social media, he said:

“In my opinion, Israel should not be allowed to participate in Eurovision at all. Although I was not involved in the awarding of points to Israel, I would like to apologise that this was shown from the Norwegian jury”

Gunilla Süssmann, who was also part of the Norwegian jury, said:

“The fact that the jury did not choose to boycott artists is not the same as us supporting war. This was a purely professional assessment where we had to assess the best song based on our musical expertise. That is what we have done.”

Stig Karlsen, who was the Head of Deligation for Noway this year, said on NR that Daniel Owen’s words might have caused a brench of the rules:

“We want to emphasize that the jury must judge the song, artist and performance without being colored by politics or other non-musical matters. With Daniel Owen’s statement, it may look like we have a rule violation. Information about the case was yesterday sent from NRK to the EBU for assessment”

The EBU has not yet made an official statement about the situation.

Norway participated in Eurovision 2024 with the band Gåte and the song “Ulveham”, finnishing in the 25th place – last – in the Grand Final of the Contest.

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Source: Eurovoix

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