Portugal's first rehearsal - Eurovision 2024. Credit Corinne CummingEBU

Portugal also denies that they were thinking of withdrawing from the Eurovision 2024 final!

The article of the Norwegian newspaper VK is developing into a fiasco, since after Greece and Switzerland, one more country out of the six that were supposed to be thinking about withdrawing from the Eurovision 2025 final, denies the alleged information.

Portugal has become the third country to deny that it was considering pulling out of the Eurovision 2025 final and that it was in discussions with the EBU, up until 25 minutes before the live broadcast of the show.

Rita Barradas, director of the record company to which Iolanda belongs, representative of the country in Malmö, categorically denies all of the above.

As for Portugal, the possibility of withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest was never considered and there was no discussion on this issue with the EBU, Barradas said in an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Bleach.

In addition, she clarifies the content of the discussions with the EBU:

Although there have been many controversial issues during the current Eurovision, Portugal’s withdrawal on the day of the finals was never on the agenda.

ERT was the first to categorically deny this “news” through Eurovisionfun, while a few days later Switzerland was added to the list, stating that there was never any thought of the country’s withdrawal from the contest. It is worth noting that ERT circles, when they denied the information about the alleged withdrawal of Greek participation, warned us that the report is equally untrue for the rest of the countries included in the disputed article.

It is therefore questionable what VK’s intention is and why it spreads such fake news, which only causes the shaking of bad situations, which this year hurt the Eurovision contest so much.

The three countries now left to clarify their stance and confirm whether they were indeed considering pulling out of the Eurovision 2025 final are Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

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