ERT and RIK do not support the anonymous statement about Eurovision 2024!

For the past hours, an anonymous statement has been circulating the internet according which delegation members and participants of Eurovision 2024 submitted their complaints about Israel’s participation in this year’s contest. According to our exclusive information, neither ERT nor RIK have signed the following statement.

The following statement as published by ESC Gabe on their X account does not name the delegation members and artists alleged to have signed it, as they want to remain anonymous at the moment:

In recent days, we have seen a number of inaccurate reports about what happened backstage during the Eurovision 2024 contest, the alleged behaviour of artists towards the Israeli delegation, and the events surrounding EBU’s decision to move the Israeli delegation to a location backstage. 

We are concerned about the inaccuracies being reported. During the Eurovision 2024 contest, several artists and national delegations submitted complaints to the EBU for inappropriate behaviour and breach of rules from members of the Israeli delegation.

We are engaging with the EBU and expect these complaints to be duly considered, as per the commitment of EBU’s officials. While there is an ongoing process, it would be inappropriate for us to publicly comment on specific facts, but we will do so, in due course. 

Artists and members of national delegations who participated in the Eurovision 2024 contest

We are now waiting to see whether the statement that is currently circulating the internet will be disputed by other delegations this time, as it has happened before, or delegations and artists will confirm that they have signed the aforementioned statement.

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