Greece: Government proposal to ERT for a national final in Eurovision 2025

According to one of the oldest and most valid journalistic columns in Greece, BIMAtodotis in the Vima newspaper, the goverment, disturbed by what happened again this year at the Eurovision contest, have suggested to ERT that the selection of the next Greek representative be made through public voting, i.e. national final.

The issue with Marina Satti’s behavior at Eurovision with her fake yawns while the Israeli singer was speaking, seems not to have ended.

As BIMAtodotis writes, the matter now moves to another level and becomes political. It is impressive that the opposition parties were not involved, but only the goverment.

So the Prime Minister’s office (as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is deeply disturbed by Marina Satti who wanted to make her own foreign policy, with the government representative Pavlos Marinakis returning to the issue and stating directly among other things: “what I want to say as a personal comment, when someone – and this has nothing to do with political positions – represents a country, even in a music competition, travels at the expense of the Greek taxpayer, she must watch her behavior. Her public image and her behavior in general.”

According to sources, the goverment does not let the matter be forgotten. In addition to transferring their discomfort to the management of ERT, they intends to suggest that the institution of approving the song should now be done by public voting and not by… direct assignment which ERT does now (that is, it does whatever it wants).


As we also mentioned here through Eurovisionfun in 2025, ERT has the ideal opportunity to organize a national final. With the popularity of Eurovision soaring, the commercial success of the contest in recent years, and the launch of Marina Satti’s career with her participation in Malmö, the Greek representation in Switzerland is expected to be contested by many important artists.

Everything will of course depend on the new management of ERT, since both the position of the ceo and that of the president will be announced through.

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Source: Vima
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