Italy: Sanremo 2025 will be held with fewer songs and without the Nuove Proposte winner!

Important announcements were made by Carlo Conti, the new artistic director and host of Sanremo. It is now a given that we will have fewer songs competing, while the winner of Nuove Proposte will not participate in the main category of the festival.

In his new interview, Carlo Conti confirmed a lot of what had been circulated recently as rumours. The new artistic director of the festival is already working on the regulations of Sanremo 2025, while he will then deal with the search for songs for Nuove Proposte and then for the big category of the festival.

The Nuove Proposte will be a separate contest, but unlike previous years, its winner will not have the right to participate in the big category of Sanremo 2025.

Carlo Conti indeed aims to reduce the duration of Sanremo 2025 and for this purpose the competition process will include fewer songs. Despite rumors that the evenings of Sanremo 2025 will end at 12 midnight, Conti says that this is not possible, but he aims to keep it no longer than 1 midnight. Finally, what has also been confirmed is the return of Dopo Festival.

The new presenter and artistic director of the next two editions of Sanremo, notes that his desire is for the songs to be at the center and all the rest to be secondary elements that frame a TV show. The people who will surround him is an issue that will concern him after finding the songs in September.

This will be the 75th edition of the Sanremo Festival, through which Italy will once again choose the artist that will represent it at Eurovision 2025.

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