Marina Satti waved the symbol of Palestine at her concert in Thessaloniki

Marina Satti’s concert in Thessaloniki on Monday June 17, at the Lazarist Monastery, was full. Marina Satti, together with the group that accompanied her on stage in Malmö, excited the audience of the Greek co-capital. Wanting to send her own message, our representative at this year’s contest brought with her on stage a huge fan-watermelon, which is used as a symbol of Palestine on social media and beyond.

Marina Satti’s attitude towards the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, provoked many reactions during this year’s competition. Marina Satti’s yawning at the moment when the representative of Israel, Eden Golan, was speaking, became a topic of discussion in Greece and beyond, while the government representative was also asked about the issue, taking a clear distance, at the same time condemning the behavior of the Greek representative in the music contest.

Now freed from the Greek representation, Marina Satti, even though she had initially claimed that her behavior had nothing to do with the representative of Israel, it seems that she is now willing to show her real thoughts regarding the issue in question.

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