Sanremo 2025: 24 participants and no consideration of Covers’ Night into the final result is the first planning!

Carlo Conti is the new artistic director of the Sanremo Music Festival. He has already announced the shorter duration of the festival’s evenings, a reduced number of participating entries as well as an alternative competition for the Nuove Proposte category.

Carlo Conti and RAI unveiled the initial plan for the five nights of Sanremo 2025 in further detail. Two significant changes are highlighted.

  • the top five of each night will be announced at a random order and the precise ranking will not be disclosed
  • the classification from the Covers’ Night will not be take into consideration when it comes to the final result.

Carlo Conti believes that by doing so, the rating among journalists will be less biased, as they will not be able to massively vote for or against a song on the final night, in order to receive the desired outcome.

Furthermore, it was announced that 24 songs will compete for the prize, six fewer than the 30 that took part in this year’s Festival.

Sanremo 2025 – the initial schedule

First Evening: 24 artists perform their competing song (top five is revealed in a random order)

Second Evening: 12 artists perform their song (top five revealed in random order)

Third Evening: 12 artists perform their song (top five revealed in random order)

Fourth Evening: Covers’ Night, the artists will perform in a duet. The results for this semifinal will NOT be included in the main competition

Final: 24 artists perform their competing song. The top five in the combined rankings of all semifinals advances in the Superfinal and gets to perform again. Juries and televote will vote again to decide the winner.

When it comes to Eurovision 2025, Italy has yet to confirm its participation, so it is still unknown whether the winner of Festival Di Sanremo will represent Italy in Switzerland.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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