Bosnia and Herzegovina: Court orders sale of BHRT real estate to repay debts to EBU

A Sarajevo court orders Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Television (BHRT) to sell its real estate to pay off a debt to the EBU.

The divestment of BHRT’s large real estate is ordered by a court decision in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BHRT owes the EBU just over 8 million Euros. Because of this debt, the country’s public television has not had access to the EBU’s services since 2018 and, of course, cannot take part in the Eurovision song contest either.

BHRT owns nine properties, worth 82 million Euros. The sale of the property ordered by the court order is set for September 24. The decision has been appealed.

If BHRT repays its debt to the EBU, it opens the way for its return to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bosnia and Herzegovina debuted in the contest in 1993 and since then has participated 19 times, with their last appearance being in 2016. Their best finish is third, at Eurovision 2006 in Athens, when they came third with Lejla .

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Source: Eurovoix
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