Edward af Sillen: What does the Turkish plalyer’s suspension in EURO remind me…?

Through a post in his personal account in X, Edward af Sillen, the scriptwriter for the previous three contests in Sweden (2013, 2016 & 2024), parallels the two cases of a contestant’s suspension, in Eurovision 2024 and in Euro, wanting to make clear, that non-compliance with the regulations, causes punishments.

Wanting to comment on the Turkish football player’s, Merih Demiral, suspension from the two following games, he made the following post:

In Türkiye’s last game against Austria in the phase of 16, Merih Demiral, celebrated their win by making the sign of the Gray Wolves, a far-right fascist organisation. The punishment from UEFA, was immediate. The Turkish player was suspended from the following two games, which means that he won’t lose the rest of the EURO 2024.

The case of Merih Demiral’s suspension is indirectly but clearly paralleled by Edward af Sillen with that of Joost Klein’s disqualification from the Eurovision 2024 final, after his violation of EBU regulations. We remind you that Joost Klein was excluded from the final of the Contest after the complaints, by a production worker, for violence against her.

The EBU stated in its recent statement on everything that happened during Eurovision 2024, that the simplification of the rules and everyone keeping up with the regulations (members of delegations, artists, fans) is of crucial importance for the smooth running of the contest in the future.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, in Switzerland!

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