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Germany HoD: “We care about Eurovision”

German Head of Delegation for Eurovision, Ms. Alexandra Wolfslast has defended her role and Germany’s most recent participation in the music festival. Germany’s most recent results in the Eurovision Song Contest have been far from perfect.  Ms. Wolfslat has been the Head of the Delegation since 2020.  During her term, Germany’s best result was 25th […]

Norway: Gåte confirms Eurovision participation!

The winners of MGP 2024, Gåte confirmed their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 regardless of the presence of Israel.  We must remind our readers that the Norwegian group opposed Israeli participation.  Furthermore, Gåte said that letting Israel participate could be a reason not to participate in the competition. Gåte had mentioned before their […]

400 Danish artists including Mø send petition to DR demanding to expel Israel from Eurovision!

More than 400 professionals associated with the Danish music industry have signed a petition asking for Israel to be excluded from Eurovision 2024.   According to Kulturmonitor, the signing artists demand the expulsion of Israel from the upcoming Eurovision 2024. The list of signing artists includes well-known names in the music industry such as  Tessa, […]

Poland: 2024 artist selected will be revealed in February

Public broadcaster TVP announced on January 09 that Poland will internally select their representative for Eurovision 2024.  The artists who were interested in taking part in the internal selection could send their songs until  February 2. After the submission period has ended a special jury will have the final say in choosing who will become […]

Spain: Left party demands Israel expulsion from Eurovision!

Left party Podemos has registered a non-legal proposal that calls for the expulsion of Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. According to Podemos leader, Ione Belarra, “Israel should be prohibited from any international activity as a pressure tactic to stop the genocide against the Palestinian people”.  This would include not allowing Israel to participate in […]