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Eurovision 2024: Armenia’s second rehearsal!

One of the two Caucasian second semi-final competitors will go up next. More precisely, Ladaniva, the representatives of Armenia in Eurovision 2024, just wrapped up their second on-stage rehearsal. On May 9, they will play the folk song “Jako” on the stage of Malmö Arena. Who are Ladaniva? LADANIVA is made up of Armenian vocalist Jaklin Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas. […]

Eurovision 2024: Austria’s Second Rehearsal!

The moment for Austria’s second rehearsal has officially arrived, as Kaleen sets the mood with her song “We Will Rave”!  Who is Kaleen?  Performing has always been an integral part of Kaleen’s life, considering she has been doing it ever since she was little and has gained great experience as a singer, dancer and choreographer. Thus, she has […]

Eurovision 2024: Watch exclusive TV footage from Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovenia!

Today, the artists from the first semifinal stepped on the stage of Malmö Arena for their second technical rehearsal.  After all today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel, but some videos showing the TV footage of the second rehearsals have already been released. Below you can see the […]

Eurovision 2024: Luxembourg’s Second Rehearsal!

Last but not least to come up on stage for her second rehearsal is Tali representing Luxembourg with her song “Fighter“. Who is Tali? The 23-year-old Tali Golergant was born in Israel, where she spent the first five months of her life. After another four years in Chile and seven years in Argentina, the young musician went back to Luxembourg where […]

Eurovision 2024: Portugal’s Second Rehearsal!

Our next contestant to come up on the Eurovision 2024 stage is Iolanda from Portugal singing her song “Grito“ (Scream). Who is Iolanda? Iolanda Costa was born on November 4, 1994 in Figueira da Foz, in the Coimbra district, Portugal. She demonstrated a passion for music since an early age, which brought her to study at the conservatory. When she was seventeen she enrolled […]