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Armenia: Rosa Linn is heading to Turin!

Armenia’s representative Rosa Linn made a post on Instagram where she states that she’s heading to Turin with her song “SNAP”. Armenia’s first rehearsal will take place tomorrow at 16:00-16:30 CEST. Her staging is done by Marvin Dietmann’s creative team. She sent us a greeting video from Zvartnots International Airport of Yerevan: Newcomer’s dream is finally […]

Armenia: “All I can say right now is that it’s gonna be very intimate :)” – EurovisionFun interviewed Rosa Linn

Armenia came back to Eurovision Song Contest this year with a very precious representative, whose name is Rosa Linn (Rosa Kostandyan). She will represent the country with a very personal song of hers with her being the main songwriter behind it which is called ‘SNAP‘. EurovisionFun messaged to interview her and the kind-hearted team immediately […]

Armenia: “SNAP” is out now!

Rosa Linn will represent Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with her song “SNAP”. The entry is written by Rosa Linn, Larzz Principato, Jeremy Dusoulet, Allie Crystal, Tamar Kaprelian & Courtney Harrell. The recording label behind the song is “Nvak Collective”. LYRICS [Verse 1] It’s 4 am I can’t turn my head off Wishin’ these […]

Armenia: Details about the internal selection, just before the official announcements!

According to hraparak.am, two singers are in contention to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The outlet revealed them – their names are Rosa Linn and Saro Gevorgyan. Pursuant to the rumours, Rosa Linn’s song was written by herself, the team of Tamar Kaprelian worked on the arrangement. The singer is signed […]

Россия: Dream Team в Москве перед окончательным выбором!

Дрим Тим (Димитрис Контопулос и Илиас Кокотос) находится в Москве, судя по их аккаунтам в социальных сетях. Эта поездка в российскую столицу является ключевой в связи с представлением страны на Евровидении 2022. Не секрет, что каждый второй год, когда Россия 1 берет на себя участие России в конкурсе, канал сотрудничает с Dream Team, что на […]