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Ukraine: Tanu Muiño appointed as Creative Director for “Teresa & Maria”!

Suspiline, the Ukrainian broadcaster, has announced that the creative director for their Eurovision 2024 entry “Teresa & Maria” is Tanu Muiño. The artists behind the song, alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, had decided to keep Tanu’s involvement with their entry a secret until now. However, the appointment of Tanu as Ukraine’s creative director is a […]

Eurovision 2024: Slovenia’s Second Rehearsal!

The second rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 have already started! Slovenia is going to have its second rehearsal in Malmö Arena, with Raiven singing “Veronika”. Who is Raiven? Her electro-pop debut came in 2014, but she came to the fore on the country’s music scene during Slovenia’s national selection, EMA. There, Raiven has been involved with several songs over the years, […]

Eurovision 2024: Iceland’s Second Rehearsal!

The second rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 have started! Hera Björk from Iceland now on stage, performing her song  “Scared of Heights“! Who is Hera Björk? Hera Björk won the hearts of Europe when she represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with her song “Je Ne Sais Quoi”. Before representing the country however, Hera has been on vocals for Iceland […]

Eurovision 2024: Poland’s Second Rehearsal!

The second rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 have started! The sixth artist to set foot on the Eurovision stage of Malmö Arena for today is LUNA from Poland, with “The Tower“. Who is Luna? Aleksandra Katarzyna “Ola” Wielgomas known by her stage name as LUNA was born on 28 August 1999 in the capital of Poland, Warzaw. LUNA is a Polish singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of a […]

Βelgium: Listen to the acoustic version of “Before The Party’s Over”!

“Before The Party’s Over” was performed live by Mustii on VRT. Listen to the acoustic version of Norway’s participation!   Mustii performed live the Belgian entry on the VRT television channel and answered the journalist’s questions. Due to the situation in Gaza, Israel’s participation is very sensitive, and there have been calls for a boycott. […]

Hera Björk: “I Love Israel’s ‘Hurricane’, It’s a Very Strong Song!”

After Silia Kapsis from Cyprus, another artist from Eurovision 2024 has found the courage to express their opinion about the Israeli participation, speaking with warm words. Specifically, Hera Björk from Iceland, in a recent interview, mentions that she really likes Eden Golan’s “Hurricane,” considering it a very strong entry. I listened to the Israeli song, […]