Lithuania: “On Fire” on the streets of the country because of the coronavirus

In recent days, the entire planet has remained in quarantine due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, as both outbreaks and deaths are increasing steadily.

Following the example of many inhabitants around the globe, Lithuanians in the country’s capital, Vilnius, came out to their balconies applauding the doctors fighting against this deadly virus.

An Lithuanian resident in Vilnius rushed by the Italians who tried to recover some courage because of the pandemic that has ravaged the planet, singing “Fai Rumore”, this year’s Italian participation in Eurovision, did the same with their country’s entry .

Resident Simonas Indrašius said of his initiative:

“I thought, why not try to entertain the nation a little? I have seen similar actions on the planet where people applaud doctors around the world from their balconies”

He even relayed the move via live streaming on Facebook:

Taip, gera turėti tokius kaimynus!!!Ačiū, Simonas Indrašius!

Posted by Odeta Dubraitė on Tuesday, March 17, 2020



Azerbaijan: With Samira Efendi at Eurovision 2021

Samira Efendi, posting on her Instagram profile, revealed that she will represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2021 after the country’s public television followed the example of other European public TVs and sends the same artist in 2021.

Azerbaijan is added to the Netherlands, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine and Latvia, which have already announced that they will be represented by the same artists at Eurovision 2021.

The song Samira would perform at Eurovision 2020 was “Cleopatra”:

Greece: Stefania confirms that she will represent the country at Eurovision 2021

In a post on Instagram, Stefania confirms that she will represent Greece country at Eurovision 2021, no doubt.

After yesterday’s press release of ERT, which says that the ERT administration would like to continue its collaboration with Stefania and next year, the 17-year-old singer, officially accepted the proposal and so we can confidently say that is Greece’s representative for Eurovision 2021.

“Although I am very saddened by the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, I fully support the decision, as health and safety are above all else. 💙 I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at ERT, not only for choosing me to represent our country at Eurovision 2020, but mainly because they want to do it again at Eurovision 2021 expressing their support in person to me twice means too much to me and i won’t disappoint you. So make an appointment in Rotterdam in 2021 … And as @marketinggreece says: When the time comes, we’ll be there for you. Until then be healthy 💙🇬🇷🤍”


In her appearance on Dutch television yesterday, Stefania said she would obviously like to be part of the next year’s contest with a different song, as “SUPERG! RL” by 2021 will sound “old”. Other artists made similar statements.


Spain: Ruth Lorenzo gives a concert from her balcony, during the quarantine in Madrid

The Spanish government is taking stricter measures every day, even imposing a ban on the movement of citizens. Ruth Lorenzo, who represented Spain in 2014 with “Dancing In The Rain”, reaching tenth place in the final, gave a concert … from her balcony, wanting to have as much fun as her incarcerated neighbors. The scenes you see are touching and impressive and they really deserve congratulations.

Music makes people come together ❤️ps: @conchitawurst here is the purple rain that I owed you

Posted by Ruth Lorenzo on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Bulgaria: With Victoria in Rotterdam in 2021?

Bulgaria also will probably be represented at Eurovision 2021 by the same artist! Victoria, the first betting favorite so far this year, is likely to regularly represent her country in May 2021 in Rotterdam!

In her tweet, Bulgaria’s 22-year-old representative quoted:

“Tears Getting Sober” is a project that means everything to me as an artist and to the wonderful team behind it. I fully understand and respect this necessary decision. But I believe that Eurovision 2020 artists should be allowed to interpret our songs in 2021!”

In an initial tweet, the official account of the Bulgarian expedition initially stated that their view is that countries should be represented in 2021 by the selected artists and songs. Later, however, the tweet that the deal with the sponsors of the Bulgarian participation was completed ten days after Victoria’s online concert! This leaves open all possibilities. We are therefore awaiting other developments regarding Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2021!

Belgium: Hooverphonic want to join Eurovision 2021, but with another song

Hooverphonic say they are ready to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021 after failing to do so this year due to the pandemic and cancellation of the contest. In fact, Alex Callier wants to do this with a different song, since “Release Me”, by May 2021, will sound old.

So far there has been no announcement from either Flemish Public Television or French-speaking about what is likely to be born with Belgium’s next competition.

We remind you that Belgium represents Flanders on a rotating basis, one year on Flemish television, and one on French public television. This year, it was Flanders’ year. So in order for Hooverphonic to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021, French-speaking television should be chosen.

Listen to “Release Me”, Belgium’s entry this year, below:

Source: songfestival

Latvia: With Samanta Tina at Eurovision 2021

Just minutes after the official cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Latvian public television has already announced that Samanta Tina will also represent the country in 2021. The news of the cancellation of the competition may have gone down in the ears of the Eurofans everywhere, but the participating countries are not ending their plans for the next Eurovision. Thus, Latvia follows the Netherlands, Spain and Croatia, which will be represented by the same artists in the next Eurovision.

Samanta Tina tweeted on her official Twitter account confirmed that she will be competing in Eurovision 2021! Indeed, she joked about her surname turning it into “Karantina”. So giving in a way a sense of humor to the difficult days of the old continent!

Samanta Tina was due to represent the Baltic country in May with the song “Still Breathing”. She has only to “hold her breath” for another 14 months to get to the stage of our favorite contest!

Spain: With Blas Canto at Eurovision 2021

Announcement continuation for Eurovision 2021 Delegations!

“The changing conditions occurring both in the Netherlands and in the other 41 participating countries have made it impossible to ensure the protection of all persons involved in this celebration.

RTVE thanks our representative, Blas Cantó, for his commitment and for the work done to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 and invites him to become a Spanish candidate in 2021.

RTVE will, as always, return to the competition, the largest music television show that annually attracts 200 million viewers from around the world when the situation is resolved”.

Blas,however, responded to RTVE’s proposal, saying that he would gladly continue the cooperation by taking part in 2021.

“I’m so sorry for that. A great job behind an incredible team for many months of work, not only in my candidacy, but globally, but I think it’s right … There are countries that are now starting the epidemic and it is not known when it will be able to stop.

There is a commitment on my part to continue working for our candidacy in 2021 and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to do so next year. There are things we need to do. We are going to get Eurovision in style, it will be my flag and we have time to do it so that we have a good performance in 2021.

All I want is for people to be together and stay home so that the pandemic can stop as soon as possible. Health comes first. We need to give priority to us. Because without us there is no festival. Doing it without the public was not crazy, because Eurovision is the world. Without them there is nothing. It was important to do it right because Eurovision is worth giving it its importance.

Croatia: With Damir Kedžo at Eurovision 2021

Shortly after the official cancellation of this year’s Eurovision Contest in Rotterdam, another artist is added to the list of 2021 participants!

Announcing on his Instagram account, Damir Kedžo, who was due to represent Croatia with the song “Divlji vjetre“, said he was saddened by the decision, wishing the soon-to-end global pandemic would end, and renewed his appointment with the Eurofans in 2021 in Rotterdam.

Check out the post below:

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Eurovision je ostvarenje mog sna i jedva čekam stati i zapjevati na toj velikoj pozornici jednog dana. U normalnim uvjetima Eurovizija je veselje glazbe u kojem uživa Europa i veliki dio svijeta. Nastup u prosjeku gleda 180 milijuna ljudi koji uživaju u glazbi i različitosti glazbe i kulture i to je ljepota Eurovisiona . Uvjeti u kojima se trenutačno nazali svijet nisu ni veseli ni optimistični, zastrašujući su i prioritet je sačuvati zdravlje sebe , svojih bližnjih i svih ostalih ljudi oko nas. Zato pozdravljam odluku i jedva čekam završetak pandemije , a onda i nastup na Euroviziji 2021. u Rotterdamu. Volim vas. Čuvajte se. . . . Performing on Eurovision is a dream come true and I can't wait to stand and sing on that big stage one day. Under normal circumstances , Eurovision is a joy of music enjoyed by Europe and much of the world. The show is watched on average by 180 million people who enjoy music and , diversity of music , culture and that is the beauty of Eurovision. The conditions in which the world is currently are neither cheerful nor optimistic, they are daunting and it is a priority to preserve the health of ourselves , our loved ones and all the people around us. That is why I welcome the decision of cancellation and I cannot wait for the end of the pandemic and Eurovision 2021 performance in Rotterdam. Love you all. Take care

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen to be held normally in 2021

Brainstorm on developments…. By tweeting on its official Twitter account, Melodifestivalen announced that it would run smoothly in 2021. This means that the choice of Swedish participation for 2021 will once again be based on this format. Thus, The Mamas will not be able to represent their country at the Rotterdam competition. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that they will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021 claiming their sects!

As Christer Björkman, Head of the Swedish Delegation, said in his statements:

“It is a very unfortunate situation for all artists. I feel really bad for all the artists and especially for the Mamas, who will not be given the opportunity to sing on the Eurovision stage. It is also very unfortunate that a 64-year-old tradition will break”

So the winner of Melodifestivalen 2021 is expected to represent Sweden at next year’s Eurovision contest!

Below you can remember the song “Move” with which The Mamas were to compete in Rotterdam in May!